Rates: $490/day

Other rates upon request.
All rates include room and board.
semi-guided deduct $50/day


Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned turkey hunter, Low Country Outfitters is the place for your next Turkey hunt of a lifetime. Feel free to call them in on your own or let our skilled professional guides call them in for you.

Our season is the longest in the country from mid-March through early May with 5 tags per season and 2 Toms per day.

Chufa- Planted in rows next to corn- "Cabin Patch"
Chufa- Broadcast- "Tacks Patch"
Chufa Broadcaast- "Red Clam Ditch Patch"
Chufa Broadcast- "Honey Hole"
Chufa Broadcast- "Behind Cabin Patch"
Chufa Patch- Spraying for weeds on John Deere 5210 4x4.


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